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Grey Delisle.  Occupation: Voice Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Tumblr Queen.   These characters are only a sample of  her talented voice acting career.      

oh my god! my whole childhood, its been her?! 

grey delisle also known as the cartoon redhead

but oh my god i remember dante basco had her do some voice acting for vriska

Oh my god he did, and I found it and it’s fantastic

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Last draw for the little beach pack. Nellko’s giving me trouble. I like the first one because it’s like, retarded anime pose that everyone knows. Which is good. Because everyone will clearly see every single limb and curve and digit, meaning there will be no complaints that I “forgot” to draw something. But the second one has more hot dog. And that’s funny. Regardless, anime type draw-people aren’t allowed to not draw every single limb and digit. I guarantee people will complain I just forgot to draw her lower legs and accuse me of not knowing women have lower legs. Most will ignore the impossible boobs and stuff, but the missing legs… unforgivable..



The BASICS: Using References by; Shattered-Earth

Admins Notes// What is said in “What about the rest of the picture” is very accurate, please take it into consideration.

I am also including these notes on gestures/references, their proportions aren’t perfect, but the message rings clear-copying what you see in a photo isn’t the best way to reference as you will learn very little, especially when compared to what you will learn following the featured tutorial above.

Reblogging to get this in circulation again, I strongly feel as if this is one of the most important guides out there, beginning artists could find a lot of value in this (I know I could’ve)

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